Ballet and Contemporary Dance Winter Intensive 2024
Houston, TX

Ballet and Contemporary Dance Winter Intensive 2024 will be an intensive three-day comprehensive workshop that will offer some of the highest training in classical ballet, contemporary dance, and African techniques. The teachers are Eloy Barragan and Alexis Zanety, who were former company members of some of the best Contemporary and Ballet Companies in the World, and currently well renowned teachers and choreographers. This winter intensive is designed to provide dancers of all levels methods to enhance their technical skills, develop their artistry, and explore their love for dance with others who share their passion in a supportive, inspiring environment.

Why participate in this course?​

This ballet and contemporary dance intensive course will provide a concentrated and focused period of training that can accelerate skill development, broaden artistic horizons, and provide invaluable experiences and connections for a dancer’s career progression. Students will be able to hone their technique and grow their strength, stamina and flexibility in classes carefully crafted for their age group and level. Our exceptional teachers Eloy and Alexis will guide students to master new skills and will offer tailored feedback. Students will develop greater self-awareness and understanding of their capabilities and areas for improvement, and their unique attributes as dancers, growing in confidence.

The workshop offers opportunities to explore different dance styles, disciplines, concepts of artistry, musicality, and self-expression. By experiencing this intensive dance training, students may start to gain insight into full-time vocational training and whether this may be a suitable option for them in the future.

JANUARY 12-14, 2024

January 12th, 2024, Friday (4pm cst – 9pm cst)

January 13th, 2024, Saturday (10am cst – 3pm cst)

January 14th, 2024, Sunday (10am cst – 3pm cst)

 TBD in Houston




  • Pointe
  • Repertory – Sleeping Beauty / Carmen variations.

Contemporary dance

  • Circular Drawing Movement (combination of contemporary dance, Cuban Modern Dance, Neoclassic, and Afro Cuban dances).

13 years old and up.

Application and Requirements

TO APPLY, follow these 2 simple steps. Once we receive your application and $50 application fee payment, we will send you a confirmation letter (please allow 2 weeks) and a packet containing the instructions on how to best prepare for the intensive; what to bring, dress code, procedures. An invoice and waivers will be emailed after your invoice is paid in FULL. Space is limited and will fill quickly.


ALL STUDENTS please use these step-by-step instructions as you apply through our online registration page

To continue the application process, you must pay the application fee at the end of your online application process. (A PayPal account is not required for this transaction.)

**We recommend applying by January 2, 2024 in order to get all forms and payment in by the January 8, 2024 deadline. Applications received after January 8, 2024 will be charged a $100 processing fee, and all fees are due upon acceptance.

January 12, 2024, Friday

16:00 -17:30BALLET or Contemporary
17:30 /17:45BREAK
18:45 – 19:00BREAK
19:00 – 21:00REHEARSAL
  1. Must be 13 years old and up.
  2. All applicants must have minimum of 1 year of ballet training.
  3. Dancers must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 by the day of enrollment (including single booster if eligible).
  4. Read the Liability Waiver document. 

Registration Fee $50
Tuition $300 (Registration Fee included)
Single day $120
Drop-in class available if space permits $30

Students who have registered and paid for the intensive but withdraw two (2) weeks prior to the start date are entitled to a refund less an administrative fee of $75.
No refunds will be given within 2 weeks of the intensive start date.
There are NO credits or refunds for missed classes.
Registration fee is non-refundable. In the event of accident or illness, tuition refunds will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Ballet – Teacher Eloy:

This ballet class is structured with both form and tradition while also paying attention to the evolution and demands of the contemporary ballet world. Eloy teaches his students to master their technique, understand their bodies from the inside out, and avoid fighting against their own bodies by comprehending the anatomical mechanics of movement and embracing the connectivity of their internal and external bodies.

Dancers are athletes, and Eloy strive to help them become extraordinary artists with the ability to execute any movement with grace, ease, and a poetic sense while navigating through space and time. In his teaching, he encourages listening to our internal and external bodies, fostering awareness and understanding of the constant motion of our anatomical systems, creating a flow of energy and breath.

Eloy’s personal mission is to continue learning and improving in order to contribute to dance and dance education at the highest level, preparing students for the world with joy, wisdom, and skills.

Contemporary – Circular Drawing Movement – Teacher Alexis

Circular Drawing Movement technique from Alexis is the combination of Cuban Modern Dance, Neoclassic, and Afro Cuban Dances, characterized by fluid, continuous, organic movements and rhythmic complexity. The class is accompanied by live percussions and recorded music.

The format is usually the following:

  • The class begins with a gentle floor stretching session to warm up the body.
  • Next, we move into diagonal exercises, which offer a more liberating experience to awaken the body. The rhythm of drums and fluid Afro-Cuban movements are used to release tension and energy, promoting healing.
  • Following this, we transition to either barre exercises or center work. Center work focuses on extending, lengthening, and strengthening the body, while the barre exercises help students understand their body’s halves and shifts in weight.
  • Returning to diagonal movements, we explore how to apply what we’ve learned at the barre and center, encouraging dancers to think about their movements. This portion includes balance challenges and jumps.
  • The class concludes with grounding African dances, connecting with the Earth. Finally, we create a choreography that integrates all the tools taught throughout the class.

Registration opens October 30, 2023
Application Deadline January 2, 2024
Registration will close once the program reaches capacity (30 students per class).


Eloy Barragan is an associate professor at the University of Iowa and the Undergraduate Program Director in the Department of Dance. He is a certified teacher of the American Ballet Theatre National Training Curriculum and a certified screen dance filmmaker. Barragan is also the founder and co-director of City Ballet of Iowa.
With a career stretching the boundaries of dance, Barragan has received various accolades and grants for his contributions to the field. He has been the recipient of the choreographers’ fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Boise Arts Council, as well as a Lifetime Career Fellowship by the Idaho Commission of the Arts.
In his teaching, Barragan aims to help his students grow into artists, ambassadors of dance, and knowledgeable individuals who use their creativity to be active and involved in life, culture, and the community. Private lessons can also be arranged with Barragan to focus individually on technique development, improvement of the basics, coaching artistry, and more[1].
Overall, Eloy Barragan is a respected dance educator, choreographer, and filmmaker who has made significant contributions to the field of dance.

Cuba’s National Dance Company (Compañia Nacional de Danza de Cuba). Zanety graduated with honors from the Escuela Profesional de Instructores de Arte in Villa Clara, Cuba. After leaving Cuba, he established residence in Mexico for many years. Zanety has extensive experience and expertise in contemporary dance, and he has created impactful works such as “Retorno” which was commissioned by the Compañia Nacional de Danza de Cuba and presented in 2015.
In addition to his work as a dance teacher and choreographer, Zanety is known for his in-depth studies of dance, the human body, history, and other art forms. His comprehensive understanding has enabled him to create a unique and easy-to-follow dance technique called “Circular Drawing Movement”.
Alexis Zanety is a highly respected contemporary dance teacher and choreographer with a wealth of experience and a unique teaching approach that has garnered recognition in the dance community.